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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Four Enemies

The main Deadly Sins
Lust, greed, anger, avarice
If renounced, give peace
Self knows Itself as Itself !

He devoid of Self Knowledge
Finds himself in Hell !

Kamam, Krodham, Lobham, Moham
Thyaktva Tranam Pasyathi Soham
Atma Jnana Viheena Mooda 
Te Pashyante Naraka Nigooda !

Sunday, April 1, 2012

May Beatific Peace dawn on us !

On this glorious day of Ram Navami
May the Divya Thathva in us
May the Atma Thathva in us
Embodied in the Rama Principle
With His army of Truth,
Righteousness, Love & Peace
Overcome the forces of the Ego
Lust, anger, jealousy, sloth
Embodied in the Ravana Principle

Let the positive elements win
In this Titanic inner War
Depicted allegoricaly
As Ramayana, Mahabharatha
May Beatific Peace dawn on us !

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Overmind Poetry of the Triad

There is a great allegorical depiction of the Vedantic Triad in Indian Philosophy.

A cow with three calves - the cow represents the Universal Mind ( Maya ), the three calves are

The Relative Universe ( Jagat )
The Relative Ego ( Jiva )
The Relative Supreme ( Para )

The Triad is a projection of the Universal Mind, whose base is Absolute Being !

O Thou with and without Thy Maya
Art known as Witness Consciousness
Thy projections Three
Are Thee in Reality !
All the forces of Nature
Dissolved in Thee at Involution
Only Thou existed then
As Supreme Consciousness Bliss !

Maya sannihito pravishta vapusha
Saksheethi geetho bhavan
Bhedestham pratibimbitho vivisivan
Jeevepi naiva para
Kalatma pratibodhita cha vigata
sanchothita cha swayam
Maya sa khalu bhuddi tatvamasruja
Dwyosau mahan uchyathe

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The 25 Principles of Sankhya

Prakrit Mahat Ahamkara Tanmatra Bhotaan
Api Hridapi Dasakhi Poorusha Pancha Vimsa

Universal Mind
The Five Subtle Essences
The Five Great Elements
The Five Sense Organs
The Five Knowledge Organs

These are the 24 principles of Sankhya. And Purusha, the Absolute Self, is the 25th !

Sanniveso Maya Proktho Ya Kala Pancha Vimsaka

Time is the All devouring Power
Of the Absolute; the foolish Ego
Who is said to be the Experiencer
Is afraid of Time Almighty !

Prabhavan Pourusham Prahoo
Kalameke yatho bhayam
Ahankara Vimoodatma
Karthu prakriti peeyusha

Outside as the all consuming Time
Within as the individual Self
He moves all beings with his Magic
And is the Lord Supreme of the Universe !

Antha Purusha Roopena
Kala Roopena yo Bahi
Samanvethveva sathwanam
Bhagavan Athma Mayaya

The Knower of these 25 princilples is freed from Bondage !

Ithi vividha vibhago muchyathe sow prakritya
Kapila thanu rithithvam Deva hootyanyagadi

So Thou revealed to Thy mother, Devahoothi, in Thy incarnation as Kapila !

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Nine Forms of the Mother Divine !

All Indian festivals are based on the position of the Heavens.

When the Moon is within 12 degrees of the Sun it is called the First Lunation, Prathama. The second is ( 12-24 degrees ) is called Dwitheeya. Then Thritheeya ( Third ), Chathurthi ( fourth ), Panchami ( Fifth ), Shashti ( Sixth), Sapthami (Seventh ), Ashtami ( Eighth ),Navami ( NInth ) and so on.

Navaratri is the festival of Nine days, when the Nine forms of the Mother Divine are worshipped. The Universal Mother is worshipped in her Nine Aspects, which are as follows.

1) Shailaputri - Mythologically, She is the daughter of the Himalyas. She is worshipped during Prathama, the first lunation, when the Moon is within 12 degrees of the Sun.

2) Brahmacharini - She is the celibate and celibacy is observed by all spiritual aspirants for Self Actualisation. She is worshipped during Dwitheeya, the second lunation.

3) Chandra Ghanti - She holds a half-circular Moon on her forehead and is worshipped during Thritheeya, the third lunation. . The Moon is the exoteric symbol of the Divine Mother. The Sun is the exoteric symbol of the Self. In Vedanta, the Moon represents the Universal Mind or Cosmic Mind.

4) Khooshmanda - She creates the Universe, the Brahmanda, by mere laughing. She is the power behind the solar systems. She holds the Rosary, indicating that Mantra Yoga is powerful and is conducive to Enlightenment. She is worshipped during Chathurthi, the fourth lunation

5) Skanda Matha - She is the mother of Skanda, the Military General of the celestials. She observed penance to get the hand of Lord Shiva and gave birth to Skanda, the Military Chief. She is worshipped during Panchami, the fifth lunation.

6) Katyayani- She was born as the daughter of Katyavan. Katyavan was a seer who perfomed penance to get the Universal Mother as his daughter. She is worshipped during Shashti, the sixth lunation.

7) Kalaratri - Kala means Dark and Ratri means Night. This is the symbolism of the Dark Night of the Soul and the Dark Night of the Spirit. She is worshipped during Sapthami, the seventh lunation.

8) Maha Gauri - Gauri means White. She is as pure and white, sinless. She is worshipped during Ashtami, the eighth lunation.

9) Siddhi dhathri - Siddhi means psychic or occult powers. She is the bestower of psychic powers. There are eight Siddhis. They are Anima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Iishitva & Vashitva, Garima and Mahima. She is worshipped during Navami, which is the ninth lunation.

These nine deities are Her nine aspects. Now man is a composite creature and only by overcoming our negative aspect, can we aspire for Self Realisation. Overcoming our negative aspect is not easy. Lust, greed, anger, jealousy, sloth, covetousness, gluttony, the Seven Deadly Sins, have their home in us.

Man houses dangerous forces in his house
The Titan, the Fury and Djinn
Lay in the Subconscient’s cavern pit
And the beast moved in his antre den !

The Mother Divine destroys them one by one, to give us immortal Bliss. For this purpose, She is propitiated on Nine Days, during the Nine Lunations, during the Nine Thidhis, in Her Nine Aspects !.

If you want, you can listen to this Sacred Music and may you achieve Enlightenment !

The secret of the Ninefold Deity !

The Ninefold Deity is the Mother Divine in her nine aspects.

She is the Sacred Feminine of Gnosticism, the Maya of Vedanta, the Prakriti of Sankhya and the Shakti of Tantra. She is the beginingless Ignorance or Nescience ( Avidya ), which binds man to the sublunar world. She is the manifest power of the Unmanifest !

The power of the Unmanifest Lord
Triune, Tri-featured and Eternal
The generatrix of the Universe is She
Universal Mind, which sprung from the Lord !

Avyaktha namnee paramesha shakti
Anadya Vidya trigunatmika para
Kayanumeya Sudhiyaiva Maya
Yada jagat sarvamidham prasooyathe

This Nava Durga Mantra protects the seeker, whether he be amidst enemies or in the battlefield, or enveloped by worries and difficulties. He who takes refuge in the Mother Divine will be protected by the Creatrix of the Universe.

Agnina dahya manasthu sathru madhye gatho rane
Vishame Durgameschaiva bhayartha saranam gatha

She is begininngless, because of her structural inherence in the phenomenal worlds. All the universes and multiverses are in transitional flux, in exact antithesis to the Immutability of the Divine !

She is worth worshipping, as She can destroy all the triune afflictions - physical, mental and emotional suffering, the thapa trayas.

We shalt exalt thee with devotion
O Destroyer of suffering triune
Physical, mental, emotional
Give us health physical
Give us Victory
Give us fame immortal
And destroy our enemies !

Sthuvath bhyo bhakthi poorvam thvam
Chandike Vyadhi Nasini
Roopam Dehi Jayam Dehi
Yaso Dehi Dwisho Jahee

The Fivefold Verse about The Divine Player

This is Lalitha Pancha Ratna Stotram, a hymn in praise of the Mother Divine, the Becoming of Philosophy, the Maya of Vedanta , Prakriti of Sankhya & the Sacred Feminine of Gnosticism.

Lalita means She who plays.  The whole Universe is Her play and display and She is the Creatrix, Mediatrix and Executrix !

This Fivefold Verse was composed by Sankara

Pratha Smarami Lalitha Vadanaravindam,
Bimbadaram Pradhula Maukthika Shobhi Nasam,
Aakarna Deerga Nayanam Mani Kundaladyam,
Mandasmitham Mruga Madojjwala Phala Desam.

She who plays is Lalitha called
And I meditate on Her always
She has lips of reddish hue
Her nose resembles pearls
Long eyes extending to ears
Gems priceless adorn Her ears
With a shining forehead glorious
And who sports a sober smile

Prathar Bhajami Lalitha Bhuja Kalpa Vallim,
Rathnanguleeya Lasathanguli Pallavadyam,
Manikhya Hema Valayangadha Shobha Maanam,
Pundreshu Chapa Kusumeshu Sruneen Dadhanam.

This Cosmic Beauty I salute
She wears gem studded rings
Golden bangles adorn Her hand
She holds a bow of flowers
In Her hand she hold the goad.

Prathar namami lalitha charanaravindam,
Bhakteshta Dana Niratham Bhava Sindhu Potham,
Padmasanadhi Sura Nayaka Poojaneeyam,
Padmangusa Dwaja Sudarsana Lanchanadyam.

This Cosmic Lady I worship
Her celestial Lotus Feet !
Blessed are Her devotees
Her Grace is like a boat
Which crosses a malefic river !
Celestials adore Her
In the Lotus posture She sits
And holds the lotus, goad, flag and wheel.

Pratha Sthuthave Parasivaam Lalithaam Bhavaneem,
Trayyanha Vedhya Vibhavam Karunanan Vadhyam,
Viswasya Srushti Vilaya Sthithi Hethu Bhootham,
Visweswareem Nigama Vang Mana Sathi Dhooram.

To This Cosmic Damsel I pray
The Power behind the throne of the Lord
Slayer of arrogance, being Power Divine
Known only to Upanishads holy !
Mercy and Compassion are Her attributes
She is the creatrix, preservatrix and annihilatrix
Beyond mind and words, She is Transcendence !

Prathar vadami lalithe thava punya nama,
Kameswarethi, Kamalethi Maheswareethi,
Sri Shambhaveethi Jagatham Janani Parethi,
Vag Deva Thethi Vachasa Tripureswareethi.

This Cosmic Beauty's Holy name I chant
Thy Name Divine, holiest of holies
As the Goddess of Love and Passion,
As the Goddess seated on a Lotus
As the Beloved consort of the Lord
As the Mother of the Universe
As the Deity of Language and Words
And as the Ruler of states triune !

Ya Shloka Panchakam Idham, Lalithambikaya,
Soubhagyuam, Sulalitham Patathi Prabhathe,
Thasmai Dadathi Lalitha Jadithi Prasanna,
Vidhyaam Sriyam Vimala Soukha Manantha Keerthim.

He who reads this Fivefold Verse
At dawn, extolling the Cosmic Mother
Will get fortune, wealth, health, wisdom
And fame everlasting by Her Grace !

This Sacred Music Video can raise our Kundalini